Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jeep Safari

It was predicted to be a rainy day and since Tamiko and I had been talking about going on the Jeep Safari Tour it seemed like a good day. As it turned out the rain stayed at bay for the most part, a nice day in spite of the overcast. Secretly, I was hoping for a deluge which would have made for a great day to go jeepin.

George was a great tour guide. From Maine, he's explaining about the tundra, which is one the most amazing and unique things about Alaska. All I knew about Tundra is that it's the name of a Toyta truck. Rather than try to give an amateur explanation here's the Wiki on it.

The coolest thing about Tundra that Wiki won't tell you it that is like a big spongy mattress and provides for a lot of the beautiful fall colors.

This is a land slide along the rail road tracks. There not sure if it was caused by the rain or an earthquake. 


At the end of the trail we're treated to beef stew and iron pot corn bread. Make by a guy who lives at the camp for several weeks at a time.

The University of Florida monitors seismic activity here as this is the most active volcanic area in the states with about 600 earthquakes per year. This is some the monitoring equipment. 

This sign reminded me of a friend who calls herself "The Camping Diva", but not really however, if she was I know someone who might take that title but shall go unnamed.

Thanks guys and especially to George for a very educational, exciting, tasty, and fun trip! 

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