Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hike around Cathedrial Mountian near Sable Pass

This was the last hike we did in the park before Tamiko had to leave. We got off the bus around the 39 mile point near Sable Pass and hiked down a steep slope, flowed a small stream around the side of Cathedral Mountain by a couple of small ponds to be rewarded with a fantastic view of the Teklanika River flowing off the Alaska Range to our right as this ribbon river goes around Cathedral Mountain.

The colors were in full bloom but the weather was iffy that day as there were huge rain clouds to the south over the range. Our greatest fear was that the wind would pick up to an uncomfortable 20 or 30 mph like we've seen before along with a heavy rain. Getting caught like that several miles from the road would make for a very unpleasant hike back. Luckily the wind only got up to about 15 mph and only several light rain clouds passed over us. Several times during the day the sun broke through the clouds on us or a nearby mountain illuminating the scene like a brilliant spot light. All and all it turned out to be a fantastic day and a beautiful hike. We saw a beautiful low rainbow lots of animal tracks there scat, and got a great video of some Ptarmigan with the sounds they make.


I have never seen a rainbow so low. Tamiko is in the lower left.


We had to do a little bushwhacking to find a spot to cross the stream.

This looked like the best spot to cross the stream on this log and some rocks. Made it across and back with not a single wet foot!

The cotton blooms on top of the Fireweed signaling the beginning of winter. A friend commented that the four Alaska seasons are, June, July, August, and winter.

The typical light to medium drizzle when it rains.

A little chilly but not too bad.

Not sure what animal this belonged to, maybe a Dall sheep.

A happy Tamiko!

Wolfe scat, you can tell by the fur in it and no its not mine.

Bear scat

Moose tracks. Must have been a pretty big fella.

An accidental video. If you listen close you can hear a short exchange we had which was typical that day. After several more of these we made it to the ridge overlooking the river. I never convinced her but then again she didn't have much choice but to follow me.

Caribou tracks

We’re almost to the edge of the ridge overlooking the Teklanika River. I mistakenly call it the Toklak River in the video. Again you can see how enthusiastic Tamiko is. She really is having a good time. 

Looking south to the Alaska Range and the ominous clouds that threatened us thru the day.

Some times it cleared a little. A great shot by Tamiko.

Looking south down the river around Cathedral Mountain.

Onward to the last rise over the river, our destination and our turnaround point, by Tamiko.

More good blue berry pickin!


Haven't been able to identify this yet, maybe Ptarmigan.


Ptarmigan, the state bird. You can hear the noise they make and the patients I have when Tamiko gets in front of the video. They do fly but run around on the ground for most part


Back across the stream and up the slope to catch the next park bus passing by.

Tamiko hiking up the hill to the park road.

Having brought my swimming trunks just in case I found some warm water but not finding any, it would be a shame to go home having brought them for nothing. So we took this not so typical park sign picture.

We hiked two more miles from the Wilderness Access Center where the bus dropped us off the the Chalet in town to get something to eat. Tamiko was so hungry and ready to eat. Along the way I noticed something strange, she was walking right beside me instead of way behind as usual. I can remember a few times when I said to her, "stop talkin and start walkin". I guess all she needed is the right motivation!

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