Friday, August 23, 2013

White Water Rafting on the Nenana River

I got off work at 5:00 and since is was a nice sunny day I decide to take advantage of it and go on a white water rafting trip. We put into the Nenana river near the main business area about two miles north of the park road commonly called "Glitter Gulch".

They put you into a dry suit with attached rubber boots and tight seals around the neck and wrists. 

 The water flows north from the Alaska Range. The water is 38 degrees so you could loose the ability to swim in a minute or two without a dry suite. Everyone is getting the safety briefing. For an add safety factor they have a guy standing along the bank at some of the more hazardous rapids with a through line just in case someone falls out of their raft.

 We had a boyfriend, girlfriend take the point position and most of the water. Although I think it wasn't that wild this was the first rapid we hit and as you can see everyone got their first dunking.

She was anticipating another big dunking but it turned out not to be so bad. 

Love the shorts, voted best dressed guide in our group. 

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