Sunday, August 11, 2013

This is a machine that completes the drying of the sheets and folds them.

This mechanism shoots a puff of air in the middle of the sheet creating the last fold.

Eight miles north is "town" or as it's more affectionately know as Glitter Gulch by the locals. This little food truck has the best Thai food around, of course it's the only place around.

My friend Tamiko for whom I would not be here had it not been for her invitation and inspirational insistence, to put it lightly. I owe it seems like an immeasurable debit of gratitude for this fantastic experience. 

Later that day we hiked a little trail across the river you see in front of the lodge. The bend to the left as your standing on the bank at the lodge, continues on around until it makes a 180 degree turn. The Oxbow trail, just on the other side of the bridge follows that inside loop of the river.

View from the Lodge.

I got closer and closer to these honey bees until I was as close as my lens could focus. So much so, it got me wondering just how docile they really are or even if they would sting.
These are the shots, up close and personal. It was a little scary at first.

Of course I had to find out just how docile they were so when I saw a bee in the grass when was rolling wood stain on one of the two story buildings, but that's another story so naturally I had to pick him up. He crawled a cross my hand and then flew a foot or so. After several times it was apparent that if they could sting they no interest to do so.

Naturally this story experiment had to continue on the next level. 

What they are on is fireweed. I've yet to try the honey yet.

Dog Star flower.

The trail leading to the right of the lodge leading down by the Nenana River.

Moose poop. Wow, like large rabbit pellets. Who knew! Holly crap!

Some of the delectable Alaskan micro brews to choose from. I just had to try the most expensive, the Smoked Porter, on the right at $9.00 a pint. Yes, it was worth it. The six packs are more affordable. None the less, we shall meet again soon, my bubbly friend.  

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