Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Hike up to the Swing

I had been hearing about this swing at the top of a hill next to our resort that someone built with a nice view of the valley down below. Tamiko had been talking about hiking up to it so we finally got the chance when we both go off work in mid afternoon. After a little rest we started out about 7:00 in the evening as it doesn't get dark till around 11:00. 

One of the young Bulgarians, Dobri, drew me a rough map as getting there is a little complicated with several turns, forks and such. 

This is the view starting up the mountain road behind the lodge of the 700 building. The newest section of the lodge.  

We only made it to the top by asking directions from several the mountain residents along the way. There was a light drizzle of rain from the start and even though Tamiko had talked about going to the swing for a while, she started complaining from the start, by only in jest of course. Like me she had a bad knee so we both wondered just how well we would fair going up this hill.   

There are numerous homes and cabins along the road. This is a sign for one the owner made by cutting letters out of old license plates. 

We were told it was a 40 minute hike. We started at around 7:00 and Tamiko said that if we didn't get there by 9:00 she was going back. At 9:00 she said she was going back at 9:30. At 9:30 she said she was going back at 10:00. At ten I told her we've come this far, we can't turn around now, it could be just 50 feet away.


This was the last half mile. Up a steep hill with about a 20 to 25 percent grade, killer! And dangerous especially going back down on wet rocky ground. 

Looking down from almost the top of that last steep climb. The lodge is down in that valley below. We probably ascended close to 2,000 feet.

As per my little hand written map, at the top of the ridge turn left at the satellite station. Elation and relief knowing we were almost there. 

Looking back from the top of the ridge at the lodge

The trail stared to go down the mountain and we realized must have passed the swing. Fighting back extreme disappointment at the thought that the we still may not find the swing. Backtracking we spotted it about 50 feet off the trail.  

It was worth the effort. Great view but of course I'll have to come back on a clear day. It turned out not to be a 40 minute hike like we were told. It was a little over 7 miles round trip.  

We made it back when it got dark at about 11:00. Although it's dark you can still see as though it's like moon light. The last hour on the way back down, the light drizzle turned a little heavier. This was me when we got back. We got a little wet even though we had hats and rain jackets on.

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